Shelter Dogs Get The Comfort They Crave

Being a shelter dog must be really hard. Can you imagine all they go through? They’re unsure of a lot of things. Probably scared too. Sleeping on the cold ground or on old rags or blankets doesn’t make things any better either. But getting a new bed certainly does! Watch as these NYC shelter dogs each get a new bed of their very own. A bed is more than just a bed, it’s a safe, comfortable place for a dog to sleep. Safety and comfort is a huge thing when you’re a shelter dog.

Watch as their cute doggy faces light up as they receive a bed of their very own! What a great video!

Want to help shelter dogs get a bed of their own like these pups? I know I do! In fact, I just donated $10 which buys two beds for two shelter animals. Pretty great, huh? Check it out!

We can all use some help sometimes and a lot of these shelters and rescue organizations are struggling. Let’s do our part!

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