Rainn Wilson’s New Show Features Competitive ‘Dog Dancing’

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Most of us have spent the majority of our time cooped up in our homes perfecting our sourdough game and creating beautiful home gardens.

But even if we didn’t get our DIY on this year, the one thing that we probably have done a lot of is stream TV shows and movies. Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and more, there is no shortage of films and series to choose from. And the latest docuseries from Netflix has come just in time for us to face a second lockdown.

We Are the Champions was produced by Rainn Wilson and is dedicated to taking in-depth looks at different competitive events – and when we say different, we mean quirky and unique.

The series, which already debuted on the 17th of November, features a whole host of competitive events such as cheese rolling, chili eating, fantasy hairstyling, yo-yoing, and frog dancing. But perhaps the most entertaining of all is their inside look at competitive dog dancing.

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Yes, in this world there is such a thing as competitive dog dancing, and it’s just what we needed to see. The pageantry that surrounds competitive dog dancing is everything! It has happy pups in ballgowns, and it’s the best thing that we’ve seen in a while.

As a promo for the dog dancing episode showed, the dogs and their humans dancing together to wonderfully choreographed routines in coordinating outfits. Oh, and the dogs even get dressed up in jewelry as well!

The description of the episode, which was shared by Variety, states, “We Are the Champions joins the best dog dancers in the world at the Open European Championship (OEC), where the dogs master over 400 commands in a single four-minute routine. Whether it’s heelwork or freestyle, these dogs prove that they’re the perfect dance partner.”

Wilson shared with Variety that the show was made in order to “celebrates weirdness, finds beauty in idiosyncrasies, and demonstrates what it really takes to rise to the top.” As she explained, the show is about focusing on heart – the thing it takes to stand out and achieve success.

She hopes to shed a light on “small-world competitors” with her new series – especially now when everyone can use a pick me up with the current global climate. And we are ready for it!

Check out the promo below:

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