Baby Seal, Tangled In A Net, Is Aching To Go Back Home

Imagine being stuck in something or somewhere and unable to go home. No matter how hard you try, you can’t free yourself. It would be so scary. Especially for a baby! That is why fishing nets should NOT be left unattended this way. Think of how dangerous they can be for wild life.

Luckily, this baby seal got stuck on a day where humans who love animals would intervene. My heavy heart can beat lightly again! YAY! Isn’t this pup adorable?

Fun Seal Facts:

  • There are around 33 species of seals
  • Seals live on average 25-30 years. Females typically live longer than males.
  • Although they are warm blooded, air breathing animals, they spend most of their time at sea, including sleeping underwater. WHOA.
  • Female, called cows, seals typically give birth once a year
  • Seals’ whiskers help them navigate underwater and aid them in detecting prey
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