Nerf’s New ‘Catnip Disc Blaster’ Delights And Puzzles Cats Everywhere

Are you a cat owner? If you’re reading this, the answer is likely yes. And that means you’re likely to say “yes” when hit with the follow-up: Do you often search for novel ways to amuse and confuse your cat? We’ve all done it.

Part of the pleasure of pets is seeing them react to the world around them.

I have to be honest. Although I’ve had my fair share of fun playing and messing with cats, I never dreamed up something as wild as this:


That is the Catnip Blaster, new from Nerf. I could explain it to you, or you could take a moment to look at the product photo above and pretty much figure it out in a glance.

It shoots discs of catnip at (or, preferably, near) your cat to delight, befuddle, and entertain them. How has humanity survived this long without one? And is it any good?

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Fortunately, there’s a YouTuber who reviews Nerf guns (I’m confident that I’m the first person to write that sentence, ever. I claim dibs).

BuffdaddyNerf made a short review of the product, which you can read here. He also showed it off in a YouTube video, and we get to see the Catnip Blaster in action!

Photo: flickr/Richard

Not only does it shoot discs of the tantalizing treat, it also comes with a “laser” (“just a basic light,” according to the review) to focus your cat’s attention before firing.

While its range (about 10 feet) is a bit underwhelming, it definitely does its job in the video, getting the cats’ attention as they search for the source of the sound and eventually track down the discs.


For the reviewer, it wasn’t an enthusiastic recommendation but it wasn’t a bust, either. “Worth it?” he wrote in the video’s description. “Depends on the cat, I guess.”

If you need this in your life, check it out at Petco’s site here and watch the review below:

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