Owner Catches Neighbor Petting Her Dog Through A Hole In The Fence

Everybody loves dogs. They’re so friendly and always so happy to see you that it’s impossible not to like them.

Our dogs are always up for making new friends, and they’re so irresistibly cute that we can’t help but want to pet one whenever we see one.

One dog owner happens to have one of the friendliest dogs and they enjoy befriending those around them.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For a neighbor, it was impossible not to befriend the dog next door. In fact, there is a TikTok video that shows just how friendly one dog got with his next-door neighbor and it is quite cute to watch.

The video, which was captured by Jo-Hannah Jamieson, shows her dog Murphy going outside.

Photo: TikTok/@joh_jam

The adorable pup immediately heads straight for the back fence. Jo-Hannah takes a moment to watch what happens and is surprised to see a random arm come through the fence from the other side.

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Apparently, the mysterious arm is a reoccurring feature as Murphy is often seen being petted by their neighbor.

Photo: TikTok/@joh_jam

Who is Murphy to pass up the free scratches?

Watch the TikTok video below:


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♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

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