Kind Souls Look After Litter of Neglected Puppies, Dog with Reptilian Skin Condition, and Tripod Kitty

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Good Samaritan Tips Shelter Off to Puppies in Need of Rescue

CNHS received a call from a local Good Samaritan informing us he found an advertisement, giving puppies away for free. This troubled him, so he inquired for more information from the seller and found that they were not only in horrible conditions, but much further away than he thought. The distance did not stop him from helping us rescue these sweet souls. He gave us all the information he had on these cute faces, and we worked with him to get the dogs to our facility.


They were living in mud and their own fecal matter. They all had skin infections and were covered in fleas and ticks. They had very little water offered to them and were only fed cheap cat food, once a day. All of these pups were terrified and would pile in the corner of their kennel stacked on top of one another. Through dedicated work of our staff and medical team, we got them back to optimal health and started to give them the love they were never shown.

They all were adopted in the month of August and are in wonderful loving homes. It is so hard for us to see situations like this. However, we are honored that we get to be a part of giving these pups a second chance at a first class life!

Story submitted by Miquelle Levander.

Dog with Painful Skin Condition Nurtured Back to Health

Isabella was found by one of our local Animal Control officers in September 2017. She had an extreme case of demodectic mange, leaving her with hardly any fur at all and almost reptilian in appearance. It was clear that she was in pain and needed help to get back to good health.

She immediately went to a foster family that provided her with regular baths, a warm bed to lay in, and dog foster siblings to play with. She stayed in their care for only a little while before her forever family laid eyes on her – a family that had previously adopted two other PAWS dogs! Once she was back to good health and had received all of her basic medical needs, she was officially adopted.


To this day, she has remained a strong example of how dedicated volunteers can help save lives.

Story submitted by PAWS of Hertford County.

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Kitten with Fractured Back Leg Gets Amputation and Foster Family to Help Him Recover

Arthur had a rough start to his life: As a kitten, he was brought to El Paso Animal Services with a fractured back left leg. After coming to PAWS Shelter, it was determined his leg was too badly injured to heal normally, and his leg had to be removed. Luckily, his story gets happier from there.


After his surgery, Arthur went into a foster home, and friends of his foster fell in love with him. Arthur now lives with his forever family, including a dog who is very protective of him and loves to snuggle with the little tripod kitty for daily naps.

Story submitted by Colleen Dunlap.

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