Wild Horses On Outer Banks Prepare For Hurricane Dorian By Seeking Higher Ground And ‘Butts To The Wind’

As Hurricane Dorian makes it way to North Carolina, residents on the Outer Banks are evacuating or hunkering down to ride out the storm. But what about the 200 wild horses that call the area home?!

While Dare County issued mandatory evacuations, the wild horses will not be evacuated.

This is not the first hurricane nor will it be the last to hit the area. Corolla Wild Horse Fund, a non-profit that cares for the wild horses, reassured concerned followers that the horses rely on their instincts to keep them safe.

Photo: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

They posted, “The wild horses are better equipped to handle a hurricane than most of us humans living on the Outer Banks. They go to high ground, under the sturdy live oak trees to ride the storm out. Remember, they’ve been doing this for 500 years!”

The younger horses learn from the seniors how to survive in harsh conditions. Descended from the Spanish Mustangs, these hardy horses have weathered many storms and are already huddled together with their “butts to the wind”, the typical stance for harsh weather.

Photo: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

The rescue farm where 17 senior and special needs horses live has been prepped for the hurricane. “We have extra hay and grain, have filled up troughs with extra water (and we do have a generator to run the well pump should we lose electricity), the horses have ID tags braided into their manes, and the herd manager will be riding out the storm at the farm with them.”

Photo: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

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While most have fled the area, for the ones remaining the non-profit wrote, “For all our local friends and neighbors who are staying, good luck, be safe, and remember…butts to the wind!”

Photos: Facebook/Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Hurricane Dorian has already claimed the lives of over 30 people in the Bahamas, with the number increasing daily. Countless animals and people are in desperate need of supplies and help.

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