Nationwide Shelter Crisis: Over 100,000 Additional Shelter Dogs & Cats At Risk Over Last Year

The country is still trying to get back to “normal” but, just like many other businesses, animal shelters are struggling.

The shortage of staff, increase in animal intake, and a drop in adoptions pushed many shelters to their limits. They are operating in crisis mode and need help.

Best Friends Animal Society’s Chief Executive Officer, Julie Castle, urged supporters and animal lovers across the country to help by adopting, fostering, volunteering, and spreading the word to friends and family.

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“Our animal shelters are experiencing a COVID-19 induced crisis, the weight of which will land on the backs of homeless pets if we don’t act quickly,” she stated.

Animal shelters are having to adjust hours to accommodate the limited staff and volunteers while new dogs and cats arrive each day. A decrease in adoptions over last year has led to more dogs and cats waiting in shelters and putting the lives of an additional 100,000 pets at risk.

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Best Friends posted, “An estimated 100,000 additional dogs and cats are at risk of losing their lives in shelters ❗️this very moment❗️ because of increasing volumes of pets, decreases in adoption, staffing shortages and more. Our shelter systems are fragile, and right now they need our help. Adopting a dog or cat from a shelter not only saves that pet’s life, but it frees up space to allow the shelter to save another pet.”

Many shelters are at or over capacity and some must make the difficult decision to euthanize pets.

“On any given day, more than 950 dogs and cats are killed in shelters simply because they don’t have safe places to call home. Crises like the one at hand put even more pets at risk,” said Castle.

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Saving the lives of dogs and cats is a team effort and one that is in desperate need of help. Anyone who is considering adoption is encouraged to take the leap. Shelters are always in need of foster homes and volunteers if you are unable to adopt.

Spaying and neutering is another way to help end this crisis and something shelters (and Bob Barker) have been urging people to do for years.

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Best Friends Animal Society set a goal of “saving them all” by making the country no-kill by 2025 and still believes this is possible if we all come together now.

Innocent lives are at risk because of the uncertain times but what is certain is the love and joy an adopted pet will bring to your life. Adopt don’t shop!

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