National Pet Dental Month Is Here! Time To Get Brushing!

February is here, and while the majority are making plans for celebrating (or lamenting) Valentine’s Day, there is a more important hallmark too many forget: National Pet Dental Health Month!

Just like in humans, your dog or cats breath can alert us to significant, and often life-threatening, ailments. We brush and floss daily (or at least tell the dentist that), and we should give the same treatment for our furry friends. Once their teeth have come in, brushing needs to become a regular occurrence. If you notice symptoms like red and swollen gums, brownish teeth, bad breath (think rotten egg smell bad), bleeding in the mouth, frequent rubbing of their mouth, or reluctance to eat hard food, then you should get them to the vet as soon as possible. Luckily, prevention is easy, and cheap! Try these tips, straight from the American Veterinary Medical Association.


  • Brushing!

If you start teaching your dog or cat to handle brushing early on, it becomes habitual, and even enjoyable for them! There are a myriad of brushes and toothpastes available for feline and canine needs, including brands that cater to special medical needs. Your vet will happily provide you with samples so you can see which flavor your pet loves most. Brushing daily is fantastic, but even weekly cleanings will make a significant difference in your pets health and happiness.

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