10 Easy And Rewarding Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

National Pet Day, observed every year on April 11, may seem like any other day of the year to those with their own furry, feathered, scaled or sleeker skinned companions, but there’s more to this holiday than just showing your own animal love.

This day was officially named in 2006 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige. As a pet owner and advocate for the compassionate care of animals, Paige has pointed out a number of ways that people can help pets at home, in shelters, and around the world.

“I believe all animals are sentient beings that deserve our love and compassion…even not-so-cuddly animals like reptiles and rats,” she said. “No animal should ever have to suffer, especially at the hand of humans. MILLIONS of unwanted animals perish every day, due to just that….being ‘unwanted.'”

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What do you have planned for National Pet Day, April 11?

It’s sound logic, and a good reason to raise awareness of pets around the world. To help you celebrate, we’ve gathered a few of Paige’s prompts and added some others that just might make the animals in your community much happier.

Here are 10 ways you can make National Pet Day one to remember this year, and every other:

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10. Donate supplies to a local shelter

Animal shelters are always in need of supplies like blankets, toys, and food. Always.

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Show shelter pets some love on National Pet Day!

9. Host a National Pet Day party

Invite local pets over for a fun day in the sun. Set out toys, food, and water, mark off digging stations, and hand prizes out to the most impressive pets in your neighborhood.

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Cats and dogs make great pets, but so do snakes, birds, lizards, opossums, spiders…the list goes on.

8. Help the pets in your community who need it most

If there are elderly or physically disabled people in your neighborhood, help them out by taking their pets for a walk, or making a visit to the pet store for the food and supplies they need. A little help goes a long way to making both human and animal friends!

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