Saturday, May 11, Is National Dog Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day has been celebrated around the world for over a hundred years, and rightly so! The least we can do set aside a day to honor all the sacrifices moms make to give us life, help us grow, and make us better people.

Now Dog Moms finally get their own day, too! National Dog Mom’s Day was founded in 2018 by Dig, a dating app created specifically for dog-loving singles seeking loving, like-minded human partners.

Photo: Flickr/Ninha Morandini

The nascent celebration is intended “to thank dog moms, foster dog moms, and future dog moms for all of the love they give to pups,” Dig explains on its website.

But while cat people might scoff, a new study by suggests that Dog Moms are more than deserving of their very own holiday, which will be celebrated this year on Saturday, May 11, 2019.

A recent survey of 1000 pet parents found that 3 out of 4 women identify as Dog Moms — and they do all of the things regular moms do.

Photo: Flickr/

For example, 40 percent of respondents admitted to staying up staying up late to comfort crying puppies, which sounds about right. Another 24% percent of respondents admitting skipping work to comfort a sick dog. Both are classic Mom moves.

Nearly half of respondents reported throwing a big bash to celebrate their pooch’s birthday or other milestone occasions. Also something Moms do.

Photo: Flickr/Mark Ittleman

Significant numbers of respondents also described their pets to friends as their “fur baby,” “fur kid,” “best friend,” or “baby,” took obscene amounts of pictures, and bragged about their dogs on social media. Another forty percent proudly dressed in “dog mom” apparel.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you’re probably a Dog Mom. Happy National Dog Mom’s Day!

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