Former NASA Engineer Builds An Obstacle Course To Try And ‘Squirrel-Proof’ His Bird Feeder

People around the world are now going through a sports withdrawal since the coronavirus pandemic has put many of those professional events on hold. In order to enjoy some athletic entertainment, we are now turning to the animal kingdom with some excellent results.

That is where Mark Rober comes in. He is a former Apple and NASA engineer and has taken animal sports to the next level. He does so thanks to a squirrel obstacle course that is perfect for your quarantine pleasure.

The course was built by Rober in a “ninja warrior” fashion with plenty of obstacles. The point of the obstacle course is to keep the squirrels from stealing seeds out of the bird feeder. It seems as if that was an ongoing problem, so he took on the challenge of overcoming it.

Rick, Marty, Frank, and Phat Gus are the squirrels that would pillage the birdfeeder daily and seemed to have mastered the art. Any of the anti-squirrel adjustments that were made to the birdfeeder were easily overcome by these ingenious squirrels. That is why the obstacle course was set up, in an effort to overcome their efforts.

Photo: YouTube/Mark Rober

Rober set up a number of rope bridges, long jumps, and even some fake female squirrels to distract them. Not only were they able to overcome many of the obstacles with ease, but they also got the ultimate prize of the seed snack in the birdfeeder.

The final creation was, should we say, ingenious. It’s interesting to see how many adjustments he made to keep the squirrels out of his birdfeeder. Would he do so successfully? You’ll have to watch the following video to see:

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