Horse’s Mane With Long Blonde Curls Matches Her Owner’s Hair

They say that pets and their owners will start to look alike after they have spent enough time together.

While we always knew that there was truth to that statement, we never realized just how true it can really be.

Once you see Naomi Beckers and her horse, Storm, you will not be able to believe your eyes. These two could practically be twins, we swear. They share photos of themselves on Instagram and it’s too neat.

Typically, when you think about an owner and their pet still looking alike, you imagine a cat or a dog. In most instances, you are not going to be thinking about a horse!

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That’s what makes this gorgeous Haflinger horse such a sight to behold. Naomi Beckers and Storm have developed quite a strong bond over the years.

So, we are sure that you have probably noticed the obvious by now: these two have the same hairdo, essentially. It’s not every day that you get to see something like this, near as we can tell.

To the best of our knowledge, this was not intentional. Some horses simply have manes that most humans would love to emulate. That’s what makes these pictures so adorable to look at.

From the looks of it, these two are going to the same salon every month. We absolutely must find out their secrets because those are two of the most lustrous manes we have ever seen.

Beyond their hair similarities, it seems these two share a real friendship and bond, and that is just so sweet.

Watch the video below:

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