There’s A Word This Elephant Will Never Forget

At one of my favorite animal rescue centers in Thailand, lives a beautiful group of rescued elephants that could melt anyone’s heart. One of the volunteers at Elephant Nature Park has trained one of them to come when her name is called, Kham La. And with her name, comes her entire pack! They follow her lovingly because they know it’s always better when they stick together.

This amazes onlookers because, well, elephants are not trained like dogs are. And Kham La wasn’t trained in the conventional sense; she respects her human and knows when she is called, he usually has something quite good waiting for her… Like food and things to play with. Her friends come along too to see what’s in store for them too.

This is such an amazing sight to see! Not just because they know where to go for some love, but because they do so in a gentle way. In reality, these elephants could hurt this man, knock him over, trample on top of him. But the gentle giants wouldn’t dream of doing that!

Things like this make me love elephants even more! YAY for rescues and YAY for elephants!

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