Rescue Cat Greets Everyone With A Huge Smile In Hopes Of Getting Adopted

Cats don’t generally have the reputation of being overly enthusiastic or full of smiles, but that’s because most cats aren’t Nala.

Nala was found as a stray cat in the Netherlands when she was pregnant, according to LoveMeow. She was clearly suffering from some health issues, so a Good Samaritan took her to a rescue.

The poor cat ended up needing an emergency C-Section, and only one of her kittens survived. Despite the trauma she went through, the stray cat was finally in good hands and could have a chance at living the rest of her life in comfort and peace – instead of on the streets.

Despite her struggles, Nala ended up being quite enthusiastic for life and was always full of toothy smiles. Because of her cleft lip, her smile really captivated the hearts of many, and it’s easy to see why.

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It wasn’t long before the friendly cat had found her way to a foster home with Ineke Kamps, Instagram user @crazycatlaydy.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Inke shared with MeowLove that Nala just adores people and will do anything for attention and cuddles. She’s playful and rambunctious, but also has a soft side for getting pets and hugs.

While Inke loved Nala and her quirky personality and smile, it wasn’t long before the cat had a forever home lined up. Inke shared on Instagram that the cat had been adopted and had moved in with her new family!

We’re so glad she found the loving home she deserves. It’s safe to say that wherever she ended up, she’s sure to be wearing a smile – and spreading smiles to those around her.

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