Dad Creates ‘Nail Trimming Hammock’ To Pamper His Dog

We love our dogs so much and we would never do anything to make them upset with us. Unfortunately, they are not always the most cooperative when it comes to grooming and personal upkeep.

That’s why we end up having to negotiate and barter with them to get them to sit still when it comes time to handle certain tasks.

However, there’s a better way to get your dog to relax during a nail trimming and one dog owner shared the brilliant idea with the world.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Our dog gets really anxious at the vet or groomer so we decided to try something else since is impossible to clip his nails,” they explained to ViralHog. We have been there before!

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The dog’s dad the one who decided that it was time for something new. It did not take long before he put on his thinking cap and came up with an idea so perfect, we just had to share it with the rest of you. The idea that he came up with is so genius, we wish that we had been able to think of it first.

Photo: YouTube/Viral Hog

“My husband found a bag and cut 4 holes in the bag and we placed our dog in the bag he really enjoyed it, like he was in the hammock,” Mom shared.

The best part of all is that the dog does not seem to know what is actually going on here but they’re okay with it nonetheless.

Photo: YouTube/Viral Hog

The dog has the perfect mixture of confusion and relief. If you loved this hack as much as we did, please try it out at home and take a moment to let us know how it goes.

Watch the video below:

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