Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Keep The Memory Of Your Dog Alive

There are few bonds stronger that those between people and our companion animals, especially after spending years of our lives together. The warm friendship and unconditional love they give us is irreplaceable. When the time comes for us to part ways, the pain of loss can be tremendous, but the memories last a lifetime.

For those of us who have lost furry friends, a unique keepsake can be a special way bring those memories back – along with a smile. People memorialize their pets with lockets, tattoos, and even cremation diamonds. But one company, reaching out to animal lovers in the digital age, is bent on creating a timeless keepsake with a splash of color. At, professional artists are passionate about capturing the personality of beloved pets on canvas.

These artists love pets, love what they do, and firmly believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In order to bring life to the painting, they focus first on the eyes. But you can capture the eyes in a photograph or a pencil sketch; MyPoochFace goes further, incorporating bright colors that help bring out the personality of the pets and add an artistic flair to the portrait. The finished masterpieces are a perfect remembrance of a treasured furry friend.

After uploading a favorite image of her dog Teddy, Marie B. was able to see just how talented the Mypoochface artists are, and sent her thanks to the company shortly after receiving his portrait. The story of why she chose to memorialize her furry friend is truly an inspiration.

“Every morning on the farm, Teddy would be so excited to greet you as you headed out for morning chores and feeding! You could not have a bad day when you started it with him,” she wrote. “He was such a happy, people-pleasing dog, never angry (no really), always loving and forgiving with an incredible energy and passion to chase anything!”


Teddy had the eyes of an old soul, Marie wrote, and grew up on the family farm as her father’s favorite herding dog. When Marie’s father passed away, Teddy grieved for three weeks.

“He would go on adventures on our 300-acre farm for what I think he was looking for my father. Once that phase moved on his unconditional love continued if not grew, if that’s even possible,” she wrote. “You can see in his eyes, he just wants to please and love.”

When Marie’s nephews would visit the farm, they’d be met with plenty of pooch smooches. That was Teddy’s way of herding the young boys in place.

“Ted had a heart of utter gold, so selfless,” Marie continues. “Ted recently passed away from cancer at 12 years old. This will be a gift for my mother, she misses Teddy a lot, especially doing chores without him by your side.”


Marie was very happy with how the portrait turned out, and as a gift for her mother, Marina, it was important to capture the true essence of this irreplaceable animal.

It turns out, her mom was happy, too.

“My daughter Marie and her husband Justin thought about commissioning a piece of art from you, which was so thoughtful of them) representing our beloved Teddie,” Marina wrote. “I cannot thank you as well for the beautiful and so real painting of Teddie. He was such a wonderful part of our farm family and he owned the farm too! That was his kingdom. He took care of the sheep, the chicken, and US! He is so so missed!”

27485460 - narrow flat square dark brown wooden picture frame with cut out canvas isolated on white

For Marina, this work of art provides more than a cheerful image, it helps her revisit her faithful friend, and cherish the memories.

“You all have brought him back alive,” she wrote. “Seeing his face every day is comfort as if he was still with us in so many ways. I have tears as I am writing this to you today.”

For those with companion animals, such strong bonds of love are easy to understand. Our pets bring us so much joy, it makes their passing that much harder to bear. But the rainbow bridge, as its name suggests, symbolizes a journey, not an end. Enjoying the memories of the animals that have touched our lives is just as fulfilling as it is respectful.

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