Mya The Pit Bull, “Professional Wigglebutt,” Can’t Stop Helping Around The House

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” -Maya Angelou

Today’s story is about a rescue pit bull named Mya. And the quote I gave for today’s article might go both ways for Mya and her mom.

Little miss Mya Wigglebutt, as she is famously known, was rescued from a shelter and has been with her mom, Briana Maiola, since she was 9 months old. Mya was underweight when Briana got her, and she didn’t want to eat anything.

Mya was found with numerous health issues and in one of her earliest posts from her Facebook page, her mom posted that Mya was “in and out of 3 different vets the first month we had her. Just when she’d start to recover, new symptoms would emerge.”

With a lot of work and love, Mya soon started improving. Mya’s family even upgraded their humidifier to help her breathe back when she was still recovering from a respiratory infection and pneumonia. For sustenance, Mya refused to eat kibble, but her mom soon found out that Mya likes her steaks. “As soon as I started incorporating more raw foods, she became extremely enthusiastic about her meals,” Briana said.

In an interview with The Dodo, Briana said that they had to force-feed Mya for months until they finally decided to try a raw diet. “She loved the raw food and started dancing with her bowl,” she said.

Over two years later, Mya has grown to love eating. She loves to grab her food bowl, which she apparently does multiple times a day, and wiggle her butt to grab her mom’s attention. She even whines when she presents her bowl to her owners.

“She sounds like a little Chewbacca,” Brianna said. Her whining is actually so endearing that I physically swooned when I watched her video. You’ll probably understand what I mean if you watch the clip below. She wiggles and she whines all while having her food bowl in her mouth.

But it’s not just her food bowl that Mya’s obsessed with. The Pittie enjoys helping her mom with everything. When their family started remodeling their house, Mya eagerly provided assistance to Briana. In many of her social media posts, she can be seen carrying all different types of items in her mouth. From carrying a basket of tools, some pipes, and even a paintbrush, she’s got what you need.

Mya even helps whenever her mom goes grocery shopping. She has her own dedicated grocery bag for whenever it’s time to carry the items to the house. Rest assured that when her mom goes home with their groceries, she’ll be waiting at the door to help.

“We always have to save something light to put in this little bag,” Briana said. “She’s usually right there ready for me to give her something.”

One clip features Mya helping her mom feed some wild birds, and, in her eagerness to help, she spills some seeds right after she gets the container from her mom’s hands. “She just really likes to have a job,” said Briana.

Seeing the little pit bull regain her strength and weight makes her mom happy. “Just seeing her enthusiasm every day grow stronger and stronger towards mealtime was just the best thing,” she said.

“From coming to me terrified and hungry but not willing to eat anything to having a whole drawn-out performance… It just warms my heart so much to see how happy she is now, and how full of life she is now, and how hungry she is now,” Briana said jokingly. At the end of the day though, Briana said that Mya makes her life better every day. “She’s the puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing,” she said.

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