Faces Only A Mother Could Love? I Think Not!

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These adorably silly pups from Finland, Mutka and Luna, are taking the world by storm. Their Instagram is BOOMING with 25,000 followers, and for good reason! Their human, Krista, has an enormous talent: She nails shot after shot of her dogs making the BEST (derp) faces I have ever seen!

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Great Danes are notoriously good looking. Their expressive faces are the PAWfect subject matter. I mean, come on, look at these shots!!! From their gorgeous eyes to larger than life personalities, to say they are photogenic is the understatement of the year!

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Can you pick your favorite shot of Mutka and Luna?

How about this one…

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Or this one?

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Or even this one?

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AHHHH! How could one choose??? All I know is I love these dogs! And their human, for her knack at capturing their goofy personalities and winning my heart forever!

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