A Blind And Deaf Puppy Needed A Hero, And The FDNY Came To The Rescue!

The sweetest puppy has had a ruff start at life. He went missing and his family has been soooo worried! Named Mustafa, this blind and deaf puppy went missing days ago and his family was really worried. They had no idea where he went! Then suddenly, today, they heard whimpering from behind a wall. They called for help and of course, those New York heroes from the FDNY didn’t let them down!

Mustafa is now saved, safe and doing okay! Thankfully, his adventure is over with and he is now being closely watched and cared for. Phew!

This is why, just like little kids, puppies need to be watched over. Even though Mustafa is deaf and blind, he still has an adventurous streak. Puppies learn their environment by exploring and that can get them in a lot of trouble. It’s always important to puppy-proof your home so that your puppy remains safe. This was, of course, a bit of a stretch. How did he get into that wall in the first place? Crazy! LOL!

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