These Are Hilarious! My Favorite is #4

These videos will have you in tears of laughter before you know it.

Scroll through to see the reasons why, and be sure to check all FIVE videos out at the end!!

Video #1 – Dogs Who Love Water

This guy… is having the best day of his lil’ life!
happy wet dog

Just when you thought Dogs couldn’t get any classier… this happens.

"Merlot? No thanks, I'll have the Cab Sauv thank you."
“Merlot? No thanks, I’ll have the Cab Sauv thank you.”

Video #2 – Things Dogs Teach Us

One example: To SHARE
happy kiddo

Video #3 – Why Dogs Make Awesome Roommates

They’re down to be your couch potato companion.


Dog Massage

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Video #4 – Adorable Animals Get The Sniffles & Sneezes Too

LOL… This face.
cat sneeze

Now THAT’S a powerful sneeze!
dog sneeze

Video #5 – Eight Amazing Ways To Avoid Bathtime

One way: Forget How To Walk. LOL.
8 Amusing Ways To Avoid Bath Time

Check out ALL 5 videos here!

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