Musician Plays The Piano For Wild Monkeys In An Abandoned Theater

There is something very universal about music. It has a way of bringing people together. However, it also has a way of reaching and touching our fellow animals on an emotional level too. They will often respond positively to music. And it’s always a beautiful sight to witness.

And one very touching video shows just how powerful music can be in bridging a gap between people and animals.

Paul Barton is both an artist and a musician. He lives in Thailand where he often travels to different wildlife sanctuaries to play piano for rescue elephants. But elephants aren’t his only audience.

He will often share his musical gifts with the wild macaques who reside within a dilapidated theatre in Lopburi. The theatre is right beside what locals refer to as the “Monkey Temple.” Several wild macaques live there, but they will also spend a majority of their time in the abandoned theatre next door, which has been vacant since the establishment shut down. It is now run by the monkeys.

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The business had previously been a movie theatre. The previous owner had opened it as a life-long pursuit, having always wanted to own a movie theatre. When it opened, the theatre had been a major success and it attracted many locals. But some of those locals ended up being the local riffraff – i.e., the monkey of the “Monkey Temple.”

The pesky primates proved to be too much for the business owner to handle. She tried to save her business, but the macaques had already decided that they were going to take over the theater as their own. Unfortunately, after a while, the owner had to give up and admit defeat. The monkeys had won.

They now control the theater, which is where Barton now comes to play special private concerts for the primates. And the macaques have come to get to know the pianist, and they have even shown their adoration for him.

As the video shows, they have quite the appreciation for both the music and the musician.

Watch the video below:

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