Walking Around With A Tumor Hanging From His Chest, He Was Neglected For Far Too Long

Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch went to a shelter to pick up a dog and saw another little dog there who was in desperate need of help. He was listed as a stray, but they think he was actually an owner surrender, which is heartbreaking.

Upon further examination, Dr. Karri knew this pup was definitely up there in age. He had a skin issue with crusty legions and barely any hair on his body, and was also missing teeth. On top of all that, he had a huge mass hanging from his chest area that was probably so uncomfortable for him.

vet ranch
vet ranch

They did a skin-scrape and determined that he had mange. They also drew some blood, and thankfully his bloodwork came out pretty normal, aside from him being a little anemic.

They fed him and he acted like he hadn’t eaten in so long. Then they gave him a much-needed bath, which probably felt like such a relief for him.

vet ranch
vet ranch

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Two weeks later, he was finally starting to grow some hair and all of the crusted parts were gone. At this point, the tumor was oozing, so they scheduled him for surgery to have it removed. Once they removed the tumor, it was time to clean his horrible teeth and remove the ones that were loose.

The surgery was a success and Dr. Karri decided to name this sweet pup Mushu. After the surgery, they bandaged him up and gave him food, which he gobbled down.

vet ranch
vet ranch

A couple weeks later, all of Mushu’s hair had grown back in and he looked like a totally different dog! He was all healed from surgery and the best part is that he was adopted! He couldn’t stop wagging his little tail and he is so much happier now!

Watch his incredible transformation in the video below:

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