Sweet Kitten Helps Older Cat With Neurological Disease

Having a disability is hard, but having someone to go through it with you and support you makes a world of difference. The same is true for our pets, as demonstrated by Murphy, Pip, and Indy.

The three cats were rescued by TJ, a feline-loving mom who wasn’t ready to have an empty nest when the kids left the home. She started by just adopting Murphy, an orange tabby rescued from the streets.

However, it wasn’t long before she added another rescue cat to her home, Pip.

Photo: Pixabay/Amber Wood-Hurst

Pip joined the family as a kitten and he seemed healthy and fine at first. But as the weeks passed on, TJ began to notice something different about Pip. He began to walk oddly and would bump into the walls.

After a lot of tests and treatments, Pip was diagnosed with cerebellar abiotrophy, a progressive neurological disease that impacts mobility. As Pip grew from a kitten to an adult, the disease worsened and affected every part of his life, but TJ adapted her home to work for the disabled cat.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Eventually, she was ready to welcome a third cat into the home and that’s when they adopted Indy, a little ragdoll mix kitten. Indy ended up falling in love with Pip and refuses to leave his side! Indy seems to sense that Pip needs help and assists him with grooming and balance.

Indy acts as a support kitten to his beloved Pip, but he’s also a wonderful friend and companion. They love each other so much and it’s so sweet!

They all get along, including Murphy, though Indy and Pip are the closest of the bunch. They’re simply inseparable.

Watch the video below:

You can follow Murphy, Pip, and Indy on Instagram, @murphy.pip.indy.

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