Woman Rescues ‘Screaming’ Puppy Abandoned On The Side Of The Road

A woman was riding her scooter in Bali when she saw a small puppy lying in the road. When she tried to approach the dog, it “screamed” at her and fought back, but she didn’t give up on rescuing him.

The rescue happened when Prue with Mission Paws’ible spotted the little dog so close to oncoming traffic. She knew it was incredibly dangerous for the pup to stay there and could tell he desperately needed help.

It wasn’t a safe place to stop, but Prue hopped off her scooter and attempted to rescue the dog anyway.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

As she shared with The Dodo, she didn’t have any catching equipment, and the little dog, who she named Murphy, was not having any of it.

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However, she thought quickly and ended up pulling out her raincoat and throwing it onto the small pup. Once he was wrapped in the coat, he calmed down enough to relax in a cardboard box on the ride home.


Once they arrived at Prue’s house, he was greeted by Prue’s two other foster dogs. However, he was offered his own personal space to unwind and decompress it. It was clear that he’d been terrified living on his own and he needed some space away from humans and others to gain some confidence and trust back.

Murphy spent weeks living mostly alone, and Prue allowed him to have the space he wanted and needed. She knew he’d come around trusting her when he was ready – and that’s exactly what happened.

Photo: Max Pixel

After Murphy got a bit more comfortable at his new home, he slowly started opening up to Prue and the other dogs. It started with allowing Prue to pet his paw and moved to him willingly walking into the house where Prue and the other dogs were at.

Eventually, Murphy became BFFs with Prue, who welcomed him into the family permanently. As Prue said, “He was honestly the perfect puzzle piece for our family.”

Watch the video below:


Bali is home to over half a million street dogs, according to the Bali Advertiser. More resources are needed to care for the dogs and get them into loving homes and off the streets.

Mission Paws’ible is dedicated to helping the animals of Bali and working to fight the problem of stray, neglected dogs. You can learn more about their work on Instagram, @missionpawsible, or visit their website here.

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