It’s Plain To See This Chicken Born Without Eyes Still Lives Life To The Fullest

When this chicken was born, no one thought she’d survive! But Mumble defies the odds every single day!

We come across inspirational stories often on The Animal Rescue Site but NONE quite like this one! Meet Mumble the chicken! Mumble was born without eyes. No one thought she would survive but she is proving them wrong everyday!


Thankfully, she has a family who loves her. Humans and dogs alike! They don’t care that she looks different or needs some help getting around. They think, in spite of her special needs, that she’s perfect just the way she is!

Yup, they even like to goof around a bit. And there’s no harm to her ever! They would never hurt Mumble. She’s just as precious to them as they are precious to her. Would you love a chicken like Mumble? I know I would!


See The Dodo’s adorable video all about Mumble below! And don’t forget to check out Mumble’s Facebook page for more wonderful photos and stories about this courageous bird and her amazing family!

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