3,000 People Reached Out To Adopt A 53-Year-Old Tortoise After Her Owner Died Of Coronavirus

Ms. Jennifer is a 53-year-old tortoise who recently had to look for a new home after her owner died of coronavirus, according to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). A spokesman reports that more than 3,000 inquiries came into the center asking for information about adoption.

When the owner of Ms. Jennifer was admitted to the hospital on May 9, the tortoise was left at the center. She became the 10th animal that was surrendered due to a coronavirus related illness or death that led them to be unable to care for the animal the MSPCA reports.

Fortunately, Ms. Jennifer will now be in the hands of a “bona fire” turtle expert. The news came after the tortoise celebrated her 53rd birthday this month, enjoying a fruit salad (her favorite meal) at an outdoor party. Ms. Jennifer was one of the oldest animals that ever stayed at the center and was given a sendoff by staff members.

Photo: YouTube/MSPCA-Angell

According to an MSP a spokesman, Rob Halpin, “The new owner prefers to remain anonymous but the MSCPA is profoundly grateful to them for opening their home to this extraordinary animal in need.”

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