The Most Popular Dog Names Of 2022

Welcoming a dog into the home is a big decision and it’s not one that should be taken lightly. After all, pets are a part of the family and they need to be treated and cared for as such. It’s a huge commitment and one that an astonishing number of families make.

In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, a survey revealed that 69 million households in the United States have at least one dog.

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While dogs were once considered lower on the totem pole, many people consider them part of the family and their names are starting to reflect that.

In a press release, Kate Jaffe with Rover explained, “Looking back at the last ten years of pet names data, we can see that the humanization of pets has become an increasingly influential macro trend for pet naming conventions.”

She went on to say, “Rover’s database of millions of user-submitted pet names reveals how names we lovingly choose for our pets reflect our passions and lifestyles, and often serve as a time capsule for the moment we welcomed them into our families.”

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Each year, Rover compiles data from over one million pet parents to determine the top dog names. 2022 was no different and they revealed the top 10 most popular dog names!

According to Rover, the top 10 most popular boy dog names are:

1. Max (for the 10th year running!)
2 Charlie
3. Cooper
4. Milo
5. Buddy
6. Rocky
7. Bear
8. Teddy
9. Duke
10. Leo

The 10 most popular girl dog names are:

1. Luna
2. Bella
3. Daisy
4. Lucy
5. Lily
6. Zoe
7. Lola
8. Sadie
9. Bailey
10. Stella

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The top 10 most popular names for dogs for either gender are:

1. Fezco
2. Cassini
3. Mossberg
4. Mirabel
5. Kyna
6. Mommy
7. Monka
8. Tohru
9. Frederico
10. Beige

Do you have a dog with a name in one of the top 10 lists? Let us know!

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