The Most Compelling Rescue Stories That Will Move You to Tears


This poor dog had a rough 10 years of life. He was born a stray and had to survive on his own, since no one stepped up to take care of him. Throughout his life, he was abused, neglected, starved, and even used as a bait dog. He was found with lesions and cuts all over his face and body, with no hope left, so the rescuers knew they had to save him. Special Needs Rescue Services in Grantville, GA, rescued him after seeing his story on the news. It took time for him to come around and start to trust, since his only interaction with humans until that point was unpleasant. He is now in a home that showers him with love every day. He is starting to interact with other dogs and seek attention from humans.

Rescue Bank provided quality food to help nourish and restore Grandpa. The money the rescue organization saved helped pay for the vet bills. He needed a lot of care when he first came in. He had scarring on his corneas, which made it hard to see, and he was covered in parasites. He can now see clearly again and is a healthy boy. We wish Grandpa a long happy life full of love.

Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank
Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank


This sweet boy was a victim of a sexual attack. He is a fighter and still remains sweet after the ordeal. With the help of Happy Hearts Feline Rescue in Manchester, MI, Evander is on the way to recovery.

He will need time but will make a complete recovery. Evander is a sweet cat who deserves nothing but love.

Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank
Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank


Tiana went from one bad situation to another. She was turned in by her original owner just to end up at a hoarder’s home. Lucky K9 Rescue in St. Charles, MO,found her weak, skinny, and overbred. Being in that kind of environment caused her to have extreme anxiety.

She was rescued over 3 years ago and is still looking for her forever home. Over those years, she went through a lot of training and is very loving. A volunteer takes her out weekly for adventures and socializing. Now she is waiting for a family of her own.

Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank
Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank

These stories show that all pets want is our love and attention. All they need is love! Thank you to all who have rescued a pet in need!

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