The Most Compelling Rescue Stories That Will Move You to Tears

It is amazing what love and compassion can do for a pet. Two things that do not cost anything but change the life of a rescued animal.

Everyone loves a good rescue story, and some move us to tears. The complete transformation of the hopeless pet to a happy companion fills our hearts with joy. And that is exactly what you give – and for that matter, what you get – when you sign up for a RescueBox.

RescueBox helps make these stories possible by supporting Rescue Bank, a program that provides food for shelter pets and allows the shelters to use their money on other areas of need, like vet costs. In a recent contest, people shared their stories of how Rescue Bank benefitted actual pets, and here is a small sample of the most compelling stories!


It was obvious from her condition that Demi had a tough life. She was rescued by Special Pals in Houston, TX, after a plea went out on Facebook to save her from euthanasia. When she arrived at the rescue, she was covered in scabs, and her skin was flaking off. Afraid to leave her kennel, Demi spent the first two weeks inside before she ventured out.

Thanks to a healthy and quality diet, she has gained weight and is looking for her forever home. She does not even look the same. Her coat is rich and healthy, all thanks to her diet and love from the rescuers.

Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank
Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank


Penni’s life started off in a dark basement, where she was paralyzed in fear. Then she was turned in to a pound where she was separated from her siblings and put on “death row” to be euthanized. Luckily, Fur Friends in Need on Staten Island, NY, rescued her and all her siblings. The best was yet to come for Penni.

She was adopted by an adventure-loving man. It was just what she needed to learn how to trust and love. Over the next couple of years, Penni would come to know what life as a care-free dog meant and that humans can be trusted. The two bonded over their hikes and now are inseparable. They can be found climbing mountains and swimming in the crystal blue water of the Grand Canyon.

Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank
Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank

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A struggling cat on his last breath found the compassion he needed. Lincoln was about to die when a little boy found him in the grass and brought him to CatVando TNR. Lincoln was emaciated, had a mouth full of rotten teeth, and was unable to use his back legs. He was so weak he needed to be loved and petted before he would try to eat.

Fast forward a few months, and he is doing much better. He gained weight, and his personality is starting to show. He was adopted by a woman who wanted to help him live his senior years to the fullest. A purrfect fit for both.

Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank
Photo: GGO & Rescue Bank
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