Dog Rescue Stories: Frosted Face Mos Was Surrendered to a High Kill Shelter When He Was 10 Years old

Mos had all the odds stacked against him: senior, Pit Bull, tumors on his body, and he scored a C on his temp test at the shelter. He was an owner surrender at the age of ten to a high kill shelter. Thankfully, tireless advocate, Pat Gregoire and Pit Bulls of the Baldwin Shelter (along with others) networked him. He was dubbed a ‘Frosted Face’ and got his freedom ride on January 25th, 2015

Source: Positively Woof

Source: Positively Woof

Anaya, one of Mos’ forever moms, can’t say enough about Frosted Faces Foundation and all the work they do. Surely, Mos would have been put down if they hadn’t rescued him. Unfortunately, his first home did not work out and through no fault of his own, he was returned to the rescue.

Source: Positively Woof

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Mos has been in his forever home for seven months now and he is the most wonderful dog. It took him a little while to come out of his shell, but now he now barks orders for his food, daily walks and cuddles. Mos: the perfect dog for his forever family’s home. He gets along great with his sister and foster brother.

Source: Positively Woof

Mos has gotten to experience the beach, pool days, many park adventures and even placed in two different costume contests as a storm trooper! Mos and his forever family celebrated his 12th birthday in January with a cool birthday bash!

Source: Positively Woof

Mos’ pawrents are so grateful for their old man. Hands down, the best decision they ever made was saying yes to adopting a senior dog. Don’t rule out a senior dog — they have so much love and joy to give. The sadness of having them for a shorter amount of time is 100% outweighed by the happiness he brings to his forever parents’ world everyday.

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This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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