New E-Bike Makes Getting Around With Pets Safer

Being a pet parent is a wonderful feeling. No one will love you quite as wholeheartedly and unconditionally as your pet.

But sometimes, we can’t always give them the giant home or yard that they deserve, especially if we live in an urban setting. Cities are oftentimes where the best opportunities are, so it makes sense that many people would choose to live in a sprawling urban metropolis rather than in the countryside or the suburbs.

However, living in the city can sometimes come with some drawbacks, particularly if you’re a pet parent to a dog.


Cats are rather well-suited to city life. So long as you put a cat scratcher by the window they will be happy chilling inside your apartment all day. They’re pretty low maintenance when it comes to having a pet in a city setting.

Dogs, on the other hand, tend to require a little more work. Being a pet parent to a dog in a bustling city can seem near impossible at times. In fact, sometimes there will be buildings that explicitly don’t want dogs or dogs of a certain size. And let’s be real, having a Mastiff living inside a small city apartment can be very difficult.

That’s why people will often go for the smaller-sized pooches because they’re easier to fit into an urban setting. However, just because they’re smaller doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t require exercise and time outdoors.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Most pet parents will usually take their pups for a spin around the block in order to stretch their legs and get them to do their business. That is usually just a quick fix during the week when you’re coming or going from work. On weekends, lots of dog owners like to take their dogs on more of a proper adventure to a dog park or other green space in the city. However, cities can be quite big, and if you don’t drive, getting around with your dog can be a little bit of a challenge.

That is where a brilliant little invention has come in handy. It’s a moped designed specifically with pet parents in mind.

The e-bike was created by a Japanese company, and it has a cute little see-through compartment where your pooch can ride along while enjoying the views from a safe distance:

It’s perfect for that Saturday commute to the dog park all the way across town. The name is quite cute too! They’ve dubbed it the mopet. Get it? Quite clever.

While it’s both practical and adorable, there is one major drawback: It’s not available on the global market just yet.

However, if you happen to live in Japan, then you can easily get yourself one of these to ride around in style with your furry friend!

You can learn more about the mopet on the company’s Instagram page, @mopet.ebike, or check out their website here.

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