Moose Rescued From Basement After Falling Through Window In Colorado Home

It’s not unheard of for people to find interesting things hiding in their basements, but I think a family in Breckenridge, Colorado has everyone beat.

They happened to check their basement and found a wild moose! Of course, a basement is no place for a moose to live, but it was too big to get out so the family had to call for help.

According to a press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the moose had been grazing in the grass nearby the home when it stepped onto a snow-covered window well and fell through to the family’s basement and became trapped.

Photo: flickr/Jon Glittenberg

CPW officers responded to the call about the moose and attempted to get it out by opening doors and hoping it would walk out on its own.

However, the moose had to go up a basement staircase to get to the open door, which proved nearly impossible.

With few other options, the officers ended up tranquilizing the moose and cutting off its antlers so it could fit up the stairs without damaging the home any further. They explained, “Moose antlers typically fall off this time of year and the moose will grow new antlers this spring.”

Multiple police and EMS departments assisted with the rescue and helped carry it upstairs and outside. Once safely outside, they found a “quality moose habitat” to release the animal to.


“It was a great team effort, and other than a small cut on its leg, the moose appeared to be healthy,” CPW District Wildlife Manager Jake Kay said in the press release.

It’s a good reminder to keep window wells clear of vegetation to prevent attracting grazing animals to the area.

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