Woman Sees Moose Outside Her Window. Then Minutes Later, Her Husband Finds It In Their Basement

Julie Emerick woke up around 2 a.m. Sunday morning when she heard her dog barking loudly at something. Curious about what her dog had seen, she opened her blinds and was shocked to see a giant moose outside her window.

She went to take a picture, when all of a sudden the moose slipped and fell into their four-feet deep window well. When she looked again, the moose wasn’t there. She assumed the moose had gotten up and ran off. But when her husband went down into their son’s room in the basement, they had a surprise visitor. The moose had made his way inside their house!

They called 911 and within a half hour, ten responders showed up to help remove the moose from their home. They tranquilized him so that they could lay him down on a tarp and work together to safely carry him out of the house.

Once outside, the moose awoke within minutes and ran back into the wild. Emerick said the moose was very calm and friendly. We are just glad that no one, including the moose, got hurt!

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