Monty Don, Presenter on BBC’s Gardener’s World, Mourns Loss of Beloved Golden Retriever, Nell

Monty Don, a British gardener, writer, and broadcaster, announced some devastating news to his fans on Instagram on Saturday.

His passion for gardening and sharing it with the world is matched by his love of dogs. He has always had dogs and they have always been by his side in his garden. He believes the garden is theirs as well and explains that all of his dogs have been respectful of the space.

“Something that I take for granted is that, by and large, they do absolutely no damage and respect the garden completely. They (rarely) dig holes or crash through the flower beds. They do treat the long paths as bowling alleys down which they career in chase of the ball that we are obliged to throw, but it is harmless enough,” he wrote on his website.

The lead presenter of the BBC’s Gardener’s World, which takes place in Monty’s own garden in Herefordshire, was always accompanied by one or more of his faithful pups. The dogs are just as popular as Monty, and he doesn’t mind.

Nigel and Nellie (called Nell), both golden retrievers, were part of the show for years until Nigel passed in 2020 from a sudden illness. Nell has remained a constant part of the show and was joined by a Yorkie named Patti in 2020. Last September, another golden retriever puppy named Ned was added to the pack.

Fans started to worry when Nell wasn’t seen in recent episodes. Then on October 21, Monty shared the heartbreaking news that Nell had passed away just weeks after her eighth birthday.

“I am afraid to tell you that my dear, lovely Nell died last night. She was diagnosed with cancer in June (which is why she barely appeared on tv) and went rapidly downhill in the past few weeks.”

All of his beloved dogs that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge are buried in the only appropriate place – the garden. He shared, “The coppice holds the graves, marked by headstones, of Beaufort, Red, Poppy & Barry, as well as the two cats Stimpy & Blue. They all enriched our lives immeasurably, and are now all a permanent part of the garden that they loved.”

Nigel and Nell are now also buried in the garden. Monty shared on Instagram, “She was diagnosed with cancer in June and every day this summer has been a gift but it is over now. We buried her in the garden next to Nigel wrapped in one of my jackets with flowers, balls and her favourite biscuits.”

He went on to say, “Her end was peaceful and dignified and ended obvious suffering but it never gets any easier to bear. So life goes on, but for the moment we are very, very sad.”

She will be greatly missed by all.

Learn more about Monty and his dogs on his website.

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