Ordinary People Hear Faint Cries Coming From Water-Filled Tank, Do The Extraordinary

These poor little (soaking wet) kittens would have drowned if it weren’t for these amazing heroes. I am SO thankful every time I see humans go out of their way to save a life, no matter how small that life is. To these kittens, and their mama, their lives were anything but small. They were, and are, her entire world!

Imagine hearing faint kitten cries during a storm like this! Would your heroic instincts kick in? Mine might, but I would have to be careful to assess my safety first and that is what I recommend for you as well.

We all want to save lives, if they’re in need of rescue, but please always put your safety first. If you get hurt, then you won’t be able to save them anyway. Leave extreme rescues to the professionals. Call 911 if you have to, they get calls like that all the time and are usually very helpful and very prepared.

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