Man Finds Hilarious Selfies After A Monkey Stole His Phone

It is not unusual for monkeys in Malaysia to get into some mischief. Recently, one man found himself without a cell phone, after a monkey stole it from him. Little did he know that the monkey would also make use of it, taking plenty of selfies while in possession of it!

According to BBC, it happened one Saturday morning when Zackrydz Rodzi woke up and discovered his cell phone was missing. He was visiting Malaysia from Batu Pahat, Johor and as he was searching for the missing item, he said that there was “no sign of robbery.”

On Sunday, the man’s father spotted a monkey outside of the home. Zackrydz called his missing phone to try it again and then he heard ringing “from the jungle a few steps beyond the back garden.” He then found the device, muddy, but still operational under a palm tree.

The 20-year-old student’s uncle said that the camera roll may contain pictures of the thief, so Zackrydz took a look in the gallery. That’s when he said: “boom, it’s full of monkey photos.”

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Nobody is sure how the smartphone ended up stolen, but they think that an open bedroom window may have allowed access for the monkey to enter.

When posting a picture on social media, he captioned it “The suspect.”

A viral video of the camera roll was then shared on Twitter, and it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times!

The device was likely in the hands of the monkey for a number of hours and he made good use of it. He took plenty of pictures of tree branches and, some selfies of himself.

I think Zackrydz is correct when he says that this is something that you might only “see once in a century.”

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