Monkey Is Morbidly Obese Because Tourists Won’t Stop Feeding Him Junk Food

Obesity is a deadly condition. Sadly, it doesn’t just affect humans, it can also affect animals if their caretakers are not careful.

Unfortunately for one monkey in Bangkok, he is slowly being killed by the overindulgence of junk food being fed to him by strangers.

The monkey, who is named Godzilla, is a three-year-old monkey who spends his days at a market stall in Bangkok’s Min Buri district.

Photo: YouTube/Viral Press

There, many people are constantly giving him food. Godzilla is a macaque monkey, and while macaques are usually about eight to ten kilos in weight, Godzilla tips the scale at 20 kilos!

Photo: YouTube/Viral Press

He was abandoned by his previous owner before being looked after by a shopkeeper named Manop. According to DailyMail, she explained that since he was rescued as a small monkey, he does not know how to look for food on his own and he relies on humans to feed him.

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Photo: YouTube/Viral Press

However, she has not been able to get his weight down, as people are constantly feeding him. She even stated that he will do some exercise, but it doesn’t seem to be enough as he’s still way too hefty for his own good.

She said, “I bring Godzilla with me to the market where I can look after him. I don’t like him to be on his own because he gets stressed. A lot of people give Godzilla food but he only eats from people he likes. He’s very fussy and can get angry if he doesn’t like the person.”

Watch the video below:

As animal owners, it’s important to ensure the health of your pet(s). Allowing an animal to overeat or eat poorly is a form of abuse, as it can cause all sorts of health issues.

Hopefully Godzilla gets the help he needs from a trained professional before it’s too late.

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