A Farmer Went To Check On His Goats, Then Discovered A Baby Monkey Clinging To One Of Their Backs

Zhong Shu, a goat farmer in Tonggu County, China, went outside and discovered something unusual: a baby monkey clinging to the back of one of the goats. It’s unknown where the monkey came from, or where his mother is, but it seems he has accepted the goats as a surrogate mother.

Every time Shu comes to check on the goats, the monkey is always with one of them. They have become inseparable! The monkey regularly rides on a goat’s back while the herd goes to look for food. He even sleeps with them at night when they get back.

It’s so heartwarming to see two different species getting along so well, especially ones as unique as this! Although the monkey loves being with the goats, the county wildlife protection station plans to transfer him to Yichun Zoo nearby.

Watch this adorable baby monkey with his new goat friends in the video below:

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