Injured Dog Found Wandering Around The Snow Looking For Help

A little dog was given a second chance at life after a child found her wandering in the snow with a hurt leg.

The 14-year-old girl discovered the small, black dog, later named Monika, all alone and seemingly looking for help. It was clear that the dog was injured because it wasn’t using its back leg, so the girl called for help.

Tatiana responded to the call and found the little pup was incredibly eager for love and attention. It’s unclear how Monika ended up in the snow, but she wouldn’t have to live there any longer.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

Tatiana scooped Monika up and brought her to the veterinarian for an assesment. She was thought to be around 10 months old, and in mostly good help – aside from her leg.

Her back leg was severely injured. It was broken and had been untreated for so long that it had grown poorly and twisted up.

The vet told Tatiana that the simplest thing would be to amputate that leg, but Tatiana was hopeful she could walk again.

Photo: Pixabay/Mylene2401

Despite the high odds of it being unsuccessful, Tatiana opted to get Monika into surgery to correct her leg, rather than amputate it. As she shared with Animal Shelters, if there was even the tiniest chance that it would work, she wanted to try and save Monkia’s leg.

The correction would require multiple surgeries over multiple days. It was intense, but Monika made it through!

Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters

While Monika will never walk perfectly, she can now use all four legs and get around more comfortably. Tatiana went on to adopt her and give her the happily ever after she deserves.

Watch the video of Monika’s rescue in the video below:

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