Monday’s Dog: Ramsey

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Today’s Dog of the Day is the enchanting Ramsey. His big brown eyes tell a heartwarming story — read his mom’s translation!


It has been almost two years since we brought this sweet boy home. Ramsey was in a kill shelter in another state, just days away from being put down. When we saw his picture, we immediately fell in love. He wasn’t even a year old, but it was apparent from his broken canine tooth and the injury to his nose that he had gone through abuse, and was left to fend for himself on the streets.

From the moment we picked him up there was instant rapport, but it took him many months before he finally realized he was home forever. Even two years later, this big boy will cower to a raised voice — we will never understand how anyone could of been mean to such a precious boy. He has filled our lives with so much joy. He is by far my best friend, and I am so very grateful that we found this sweet boy when we did.

There were a few times that first year were he would chase after deer, and each time mommy went out and found him, he responded with so much happiness. It was almost like he didn’t believe we would go looking for him. I will never understand how anyone could of let this boy go, but I will say I am so thrilled that he is ours. He is gentle giant, and those eyes tell it all. He just looks into your soul.

Ramsey loves to cuddle and play fetch, he looks after our other dogs, and the cats in our home are totally in love with him. He has captured our hearts completely. If you have a chance to rescue a dog, know that you will definitely be blessed. There is just something so special about a dog that is rescued. It’s as if they know, and are especially grateful to have a home and a family.

Tracy Howard
Pittsburgh, PA

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