Monday’s Cat: Bruce

Bruce was wounded, dirty and alone when Sophie found him in her front yard. Thanks to Sophie’s care and a new playmate’s companionship, Bruce now has a forever home. And he’s today’s Cat of the Day!

Read his inspiring story:


This is Bruce. March of 2012 I came home from work and found this guy staring at me at my front gate. I knew immediately he wasn’t one of the feral cats. So I brought him food and water. The next morning he was back in front of my gate. For 2 days I fed him & held my hand out and he came and rubbed himself all over my hand. He was dirty and had a wound on his paw. Its cold and I felt bad for him, so I brought out one of my cats old bed and placed it in a corner next to my gate and he immediately sat on it. I left him there with a small blanket. When I came out the next day he was still in the bed. I got him in a crate and took him to the vet the next day and they said he had no chip but in healthy condition and about 8 months old. I got him cleaned up and then let him meet my cat. he immediately played with my cat. It was like they’ve known each other their whole life. I had just lost one if my cats in February to illness and I hadn’t realized my cat was lonely. He started this really bad habit of spraying the house. I took him to the vet. What they assumed happened was that he was someone’s cat and got kicked out for spraying the house, he was at the age where they start marking territory. They said in most cases this can be fixed with getting him fixed. So I went ahead and got him fixed and the spraying stopped. I hadn’t originally wanted to keep him since I had just lost my other cat but he was just just such a love bug it was impossible not to keep him. He loves to cuddle, he’s more than happy to cuddle under the blankets and he and my other cat, Lestat, we’re such good friends that he just ended up staying with me.

Pittsburg, CA
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