Mom Finds A Giant Spider Guarding An Egg Sac Inside Her Son’s Toy Truck

If you happen to be somebody who is afraid of spiders, then this story is going to give you the willies. On the other hand, if you have arachnophobia, it may just make you run screaming in the other direction.

This story is out of Western Australia, where we are accustomed to hearing about strange creatures that roam about in the countryside.

As it turns out, there are also some spiders that are rather large in the area and Brooke Thorpe managed to find one. The spider was in her son’s toy truck and was guarding an egg sac with hundreds of eggs.

Photo: Facebook / Brooke Thorpe

After finding the spider, she posted the picture on a Facebook page, letting the world know what she had found. Although she didn’t stop to count the baby spiders inside of the egg sac, it is estimated that there may be 200 baby spiders inside.

I told you you would be running.

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As it turns out, Thorpe may not have been too upset about finding the spider. After all, she was outside with her pythons so they could get some sun when her nephew brought the toy.

Facebook / Brooke Thorpe

She had the following to say to MailOnline: “We have her in a safe spot and once she’s finished, my son can have his toy back”

Dr. Robert Raven is an Arachnologist, a person who specializes in studying spiders and other arachnids. According to the outlet, not only did he say there may be up to 200 baby spiders in the sack, they may be as old as three weeks at this point. He said:

“The mother spider is holding onto the egg to feel if there is any activity inside. The egg is still white, so she just laid them and the hundreds of babies are still developing.”

Facebook/ Brooke Thorpe

The mother spider will continue to stay with the eggs for about three weeks. She had found a nice spot, as the toy truck had been secluded, but they found the spider and her little ones.

He also had advice for anyone who happens to find a Huntsman spider and her eggs. He said not to move them until the babies have hatched.

How about if we just burn our house down and move?

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