Mom, Can We Keep Him?

Winters in Michigan can get pretty cold. Luckily for this pup, he sought shelter on just the right porch. Read for the story of Oddie, today’s Dog of the Day.

Odie courtesy of Diana from Saginaw, MI

We found Oddie (pronounced O-dee) way back in the winter of 2006. He kind of stumbled into our lives. We had just moved and really weren’t looking for a dog. Mom worked full-time and my brother and I were still young. One day, my best friend from down the road called me. She said she found a dog and wanted to know if I could come over.

The moment I met Oddie I fell in love. He was this tiny puppy in a red collar. He had himself curled into a blanket, still cold. See, we live in Michigan and it was one of the coldest winters in recent memory. He had been found on their front steps.

No one knew how old he was or how long he had been there — but he was cute! My friend asked me to take him home with me (she had this dog who was mean, to say the least).

It was the one and only time I ever brought an animal to my mom and asked, “Can we keep him?”

The answer was “No.”

She told us we could house him until we found a family for him. If we didn’t, we would have to find a new family for ourselves.

Thankfully, neither of those things happened.

His big, brown eyes and the way he cuddled finally made my mom say “Yes.” Even today he’s a big cuddler!

Now, no longer living with mom, Oddie’s with me, still in a red collar — it’s his color I guess. We had bonded the most, even though I think he likes my grandpa more.

So mom, can we keep him?

Saginaw, MI
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