Mom Boops Her Dog’s Nose And He’s Not About It

If you have a golden retriever in the family, you don’t need anyone to tell you just how irresistible they can be.

It isn’t easy to walk by them without stopping to scratch them behind the ears.

Photo: YouTube/Tucker Budzyn

Golden retrievers tend to be one of the more relaxed dog breeds, and they fit in well in any family. Perhaps that is why Tucker’s mother decided to mess with her golden retriever as she was walking by.

Perhaps we have done something like this to our dog before. She stood and booped his nose multiple times. At first, he was okay with the attention.

Photo: YouTube/Tucker Budzyn

Eventually, he started to give her one of those looks that let her know she should stop the fun at that point. When she doesn’t stop, he lets her know about it.

Fortunately, a video was taken of the antics and posted to his YouTube channel.

Photo: YouTube/Tucker Budzyn

It went viral, and I’m sure you will enjoy the smiles it brings you as well.

You can see the video for yourself below:

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