Cats Share Abnormality & Forever Home

Molly is a tiny, fluffy kitten with a chromosomal abnormality — and thanks to her new parents, she’s found her forever home with big brother Monty, a cat that looks just like her!

Both cats have a chromosomal abnormality that makes them look very unique. They have no nasal bridge bone, and have additional special needs that will require regular vet visits throughout their lives.

But both cats are very happy all the time, and their parents are absolutely head over heels for both of them. Mikala and Michael adopted Monty into their lives a couple years ago, and when they saw a picture of Molly in late fall of 2018, they just knew that she needed to be a part of their lives, too.

Photo: Instagram/molly_happiness

Molly’s previous family began looking for a new home for her because of her unique needs: she needed access to the outdoors, she needed lots of attention (she is very affectionate!), and she needed numerous vet visits. They worried about her because she was able to escape their garden when they let her outside. After she slipped out one time and was found 20 kilometers away, her family decided it was best for her safety to be with a family that had a secure outdoor space for her and could meet her other needs, too.

Photo: Instagram/molly_happiness

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“We can tell Molly had a very loving family before us since she loves people so much,” Mikala wrote on their website, “but sometimes it’s just not the right match. We want to thank her family with all our hearts for giving us the opportunity to give this little amazing fur baby a forever home.”

Photo: Instagram/monty_happiness

Mikala was tagged in a post about Molly online, and she was immediately captivated by her story and her similarity to Monty. When she and Michael met her, it only solidified their feeling that she was meant to be with them. She was just a tiny thing — about half the size of Monty — and would instantly start purring when they talked to her.

Photo: Instagram/molly_happiness

Mikala and Michael fostered Molly at first, as they had to make sure Monty and her would get along before officially adopting her — but they were very hopeful! Molly lived in the office and had lots of snuggle time with Mikala in the beginning so they could bond. Since Monty is a “daddy’s boy,” Mikala was the one who bonded with Molly first, so he wouldn’t get jealous!

Photo: Instagram/molly_happiness

They introduced each cat’s scent to the other via toys, and then finally, they met face to face! Molly was smitten with Monty immediately and started following him around and attempting to cuddle with him. He was unsure, though. Molly flashed her belly at him to assure him he was boss, and chirped happily at him, but he was still skeptical.

Eventually, though, her submissiveness made him relax, and they bonded!

Photo: Instagram/molly_happiness

Now the two cuties play and snuggle with each other regularly. Molly continues to be Monty’s little shadow and follow him everywhere, but on the rare occasion he can’t find her, he’ll call out for her.

Photo: Instagram/molly_happiness

And Molly has a big fenced-in yard that’s secure and feline-friendly. No more escaping!

“They are both constantly seeking love and cuddles from us,” Mikala told Love Meow. “Just because they were born a little different doesn’t mean that they cannot have a wonderful life. It takes a little more work to adopt a special needs cat, but it is all worth it.”

Photo: Instagram/molly_happiness

Molly has her own Instagram page just like her big brother — she can be found at molly_happiness and Monty can be found at monty_happiness.

Photo: Instagram/molly_happiness

Check out Monty and Molly in all their adorableness in the video below!

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