Shelter Dog Finds Loving Home After Patiently Waiting 848 Days

A sweet dog named Moby spent over two years in Brown County Humane Society winning the hearts of the staff as he patiently waited for someone to adopt him. 848 days after he was brought into the shelter by animal control, a loving couple walked in and chose him.

“Today was a day that our entire staff has been waiting so long for,” Caity Roberston, shelter manager, told WTHR. “It was bittersweet to watch Moby go off to his new home. I will miss his snaggletooth smile and goofy personality, but I could not be more excited for his future. Thank you to his new owners for giving him the chance to live his best life.”

Photos: Facebook/Brown County Humane Society

Moby was the longest-stay dog the shelter had ever had in 54 years. He arrived with trust issues but overcame them thanks to the kind staff. The couple visited Moby daily for a week to get to know one another before bringing him home. A video announced the happy news on the shelter’s Facebook page and Moby couldn’t contain his excitement.

Photo: Facebook/Brown County Humane Society

Followers were overjoyed that the sweet boy had finally found a loving homes. One person commented, “I am so happy for Moby And his furever family! There is truly someone for every animal! So glad he found his!”

Photos: Facebook/Brown County Humane Society

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His new parents knew that Moby was loved by many and sent an update to the shelter. “Moby is doing well and so are we. Almost every day he surprises us with special moments and the real Moby shines through. We had a rocket dog last night while playing with his toys. He got pretty excited and raced around the living room. Love seeing that! He just likes to be around us all the time,” posted the shelter.

Photos: Facebook/Brown County Humane Society

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Watch as Moby takes his freedom ride with his new family in the video below and don’t forget to share.

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