When She Lost Her Service Animal, She Tried To Gather A Community To Help.

For people with service animals, the thought of being without them is terrifying. These animals don’t just protect their partners from life-threatening ailments; they are a part of the family. The unthinkable happened to Brea Denton at Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Denton brought her service cat Millie to an event at the beach where she escaped while being held by another beach-goer. Millie was trained to read when Denton was about to have a seizure and to get help if needed, so finding her was even more important.


Adding to the incredible loss is Denton’s history before moving to Virginia. She had just recently moved from Gatlinburg, TN, where she lost her home and all of her possessions. The only thing she brought with her was Millie.


Incredibly enough, after a three-day search, Millie and Denton were reunited! She was found hiding under a shed in a neighborhood yard. She is now home safe and being showered in love!

You can see the original story below. Once again, we see how strong and caring a community can be to animals in need.

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