Missing Maine Shelter Dog Captured After Being On The Run For 26 Days

Nellie, a 2-year-old Great Dane-mastiff mix, escaped from an animal shelter in Maine and was on the run for nearly a month before she was captured and safely returned to the shelter.

Staff and volunteers at Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland spent the last 26 days searching for the lost dog. They tracked sightings, used game cameras, set up feeding stations, and sprayed scents to try and locate the missing pup.

Due to Nellie’s shy nature, people who spotted her were asked not to approach or call to her as this would probably scare her off. Instead, they were asked to call or text a provided number. After several sightings at a feeding station, rescuers placed a humane trap which captured her.

The shelter shared the great news that Nellie was finally safe. Aside from being underweight and suffering from an extensive leg wound, she appeared to be ok. She was examined by a vet who confirmed she doesn’t have any broken bones and will make a full recovery.

Nellie is being spoiled and the shelter shared, “We are diligently treating her wound and expect it to heal with no issue. She is so happy to be back with our amazing canine staff and has been enjoying lots of TLC and attention (and, of course, extra meals and treats to add some weight back on😊).”

They thanked everyone who helped look for the sweet girl and for all the organizations who offered guidance and support. “The entire ARLGP sends a heartfelt THANK YOU to our friends and followers for sharing our Nellie updates and educating our community on the importance of patience to bring her back to us. We are truly grateful for the outpouring of support for this very special girl.”

They went on to say, “Nellie has certainly taught us the importance of patience, persistency, and resiliency. A lesson we won’t soon forget.”

Several people have offered to adopt or foster the runaway, but Nellie will remain at the shelter until she is fully recovered. Anyone interested in adopting her is asked to watch the shelter’s Facebook page as they will post when she is ready to find her forever home.

Visit Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland’s website to see all the adoptable pets and ways you can support the shelter. Adopt don’t shop!

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