Dog Missing For A Week Found At The Bottom Of An 80-Foot Deep Well

A dog named Orange had been missing for a week before he was finally discovered at the bottom of a well.

Orange’s owners had noticed their dog had gone missing a week earlier, but it seemed he was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, it was discovered that the poor dog had fallen down an 80-foot well and was trapped at the bottom. They believe he had been stuck there the whole week!

Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

Adam Williams with Hawaii’s Forestry & Wildlife Department was assigned to rescue the dog and he knew he’d need a plan to get the dog out of such a deep well.

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He gathered some equipment and decided to repel to the bottom of the well and retrieve the dog himself. He strapped his ropes onto a nearby guava tree and began to lower himself into the hole.

Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

Once he reached the bottom, he got Orange into a bag and they were both hoisted to the top of the well. Miraculously, Orange came out of the ordeal without any physical injuries!

It seemed he was just happy to be back on dry ground and reunited with the people he loved.

Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

Once they realized Orange was in stable condition, Adam got him into a crate to rest while they drove to his owners.

Watch the video of the rescue below:

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